If you are considering getting a PEMF system for your health, the number of choices can be overwhelming. So, what are some of the most important considerations to make the right choice?

Since getting a PEMF system is an investment in your present and future health, it’s important to consider not only what is motivating you or other household members now but also having some idea of what you may need in the future. In this situation, because a PEMF system is an investment that will be available to you for years to come, it may be worth thinking about getting something better than you would consider just for the short term.


The first decision needs to be whether you need a ‘whole-body’ PEMF system or a ‘local’ PEMF system.


Whole Body PEMF System

Almag Pawluk

Local/Small area PEMF system

A local system will have applicators that are basically only useful to treat one small area of the body at a time, such as a hand, knee, elbow, foot, part of the shoulder, part of the back, prostate, bladder, or neck, etc.

A long and wide pad applicator will typically treat the entire body. Whole-body PEMF systems are typically used for health maintenance, since the whole body needs health maintenance. If you want to treat several local areas of the body at the same time, this can be done more easily, saving time, by using a whole-body system. Systemic health conditions such as osteoporosis, Lyme disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, vascular diseases, or multi-area skin disorders may normally also require a whole-body PEMF system.

Local PEMF System

Whole Body PEMF System

All whole body PEMF systems have smaller pad-type regional applicators that can be used separately from the whole-body pad. A regional applicator is one that treats an area of the body, for example, the abdomen, the chest, the pelvis, hips, shoulders, or upper or lower back. These are often also called pillow applicators and come in various sizes depending on the system. Whole body pads are almost always lower intensity than local or regional applicators/pads. So, you will need to know the intensity of each applicator.


After deciding on local versus whole body, the next most important decision will usually be what magnetic field intensity is needed. My video “intensity matters” describes why magnetic field intensity is important. There are several choices among whole body PEMF systems ranging in intensity from 500 gauss to < 1 Gauss (< 100 micro Tesla). The rule of thumb is that the higher the intensity the faster the results and the less the treatment time.

Many people make their decision based on cost, sacrificing results. Results are often promised with very low intensity systems that ignore the research studies showing that higher intensity is needed. Many of these proven intensities can be found in Dr Pawluk’s book Power Tools for Health.

Health maintenance, done daily, may be reasonably effective with very low intensity systems or higher intensity systems. When someone wants to do health maintenance and there are significant health problems in multiple areas of the body, higher intensity whole body pads will be needed. These should preferably be over 50 Gauss (5000 microTesla or 5 milliTesla).

If you decided you needed a local treatment PEMF, the next most important consideration is intensity. Lower intensities may work well for superficial problems in tissues that are not deep in the body, such as the hands, elbow, shoulder tendinitis, carpal tunnel, heel spurs, eyes, teeth, TMJ, etc. Higher intensity local PEMFs are needed for problems deeper in the body, such as in the brain, spine, prostate, bladder, hips, knees, heart, lung, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, bones, etc. Local treatment PEMFs can range in maximum intensity from 10 Gauss to around 10000 Gauss.

If you want to do whole body and regional treatments with the same PEMF system, intensity also becomes very important. Regional applicators can range in intensity from <1 Gauss to 1500 Gauss.

Generally, the higher the intensity, the more expensive the PEMF.

Once the basic decision is made on whole body versus local, and the intensity needed, other considerations also come into play, including frequencies, applicator shapes, whether portable or AC powered, and whether rentals are available. Advice about the variety of PEMF options may be needed from someone knowledgeable to help sort out all the options.

Hopefully, this will help you to sort out some of the confusing information about which PEMF system is the best for you. For more information read my book Power Tools for Health or go to my website There you can find more useful information on pulsed electromagnetic field treatment, such as PEMF intensitiesfrequencies & waveformshow to apply PEMF, etc. We also offer a variety on whole-body PEMF systems and local PEMF systems.