Applicator Location


Transcript: I don’t have a name here, but the next question is, somebody has a Flex Pulse and a BioBalance for the last six months – what’s the best location for me to place the mat, the smaller applicator, or the pillow applicator?

Obviously, if you have a whole-body PEMF system you do want to use it every day at least once a day, preferably twice a day, for health maintenance if nothing else.  You have a smaller applicator which comes with the BioBalance,  but that’s only about 10 Gauss.  It covers a bigger area, and that’s nice to use on a belly.  That kind of system, if it’s under 15 Gauss, which is the case with the BioBalance, is going to provide general health maintenance benefits. It’ll still make you feel good, but it’s not going to have the same healing benefit as a higher intensity system that’ll give you more than 15 Gauss.

So the Flex Pulse is about 300 Gauss for one coil. And it’s about half each for two if you have them going at the same time.  You have to place them over where the problem is.  If you happen to have a shoulder problem, then you use either one or two over the shoulder.  If the whole shoulder is involved, if you put one on the front and one on the back then you’re going to get the magnetic field going through the entire shoulder, right through the shoulder.

If the problem tends to be more over the top, on the biceps tendon, or the clavicle joint can have arthritis in it, then you do one coil right over that spot.  The same thing applies to any higher intensity PEMF systems like the Parameds system. They have smaller applicators and big ones. Obviously, you’re going to use the smaller applicator for local problems, like you could for asthma over the chest. You could for your heart. You could for your belly, if you have bloating, cramping, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis, you use it over the belly. 

The bigger applicator is usually higher intensity. In the case of the Parameds home system, the bigger applicators, it’s about 150 Gauss.  For the Parameds Pro Special, it’s about 1000 Gauss.  So that goes much deeper into the body. You’ll have to figure out where to put them.  The question becomes if you have two applicators do you put one in the front and one in the back?  Remember, magnetic fields drop-off very rapidly in intensity, ao sometimes by filling the area between them, you’ll get a much better magnetic field through the whole area. 

If you have one stronger applicator, the question becomes, is the magnetic field, as it drops off, going to be strong enough for the spot that you’re trying to treat inside the body? So you’ll have to decide – and you can experiment because you can’t do any harm. You can’t make a mistake. You’re not going to harm yourself by not getting it right.  Anytime I treat somebody, I give somebody a recommendation for a supplement or magnetic field therapy, it doesn’t matter. It’s always an experiment. It’s always “what’s going to happen in that body for that problem over time?”  So you’re going to have to figure this out for yourself. It’s going to have to be a trial and error process. Again, you can’t go wrong. You may not get the best results by making a bad decision, it just may take longer for you to get better.

And you can combine them. You can be laying on a whole-body system. If you happen to have a system like the Parameds Pro Special, it has a switch that allows you to use two applicators at the same time. So you could do a whole-body treatment and at the same time put another applicator on top. And then between the two of those applicators, you have what I call a magnetic sandwich. The area in between is going to get a stronger magnetic field than either one alone. 

So you can combine them together to get even better results than you typically would otherwise.  But not if you have one applicator that you’re dividing in half and the intensity is half the usual intensity.  The strong magnetic system that allows you to use two applicators at the same time is the Tesla Fit Duo.  The Tesla Fit Duo, because of the cost, is a better machine for clinicians,  for professionals who are treating a lot of people and need the strong magnetic therapy to be able to do two areas at the same time, creating that magnetic sandwich.