Transcript: The question is can you compare or contrast PEMF with red light therapy, and explain a little bit about each. Red light therapy – the frequency spectrum includes all the shades and colors of light. So light is in a specific frequency – I can’t tell you what that is, I could look it up but I haven’t memorized that. So light, whether it’s infrared light or pure red light, or yellow light, all of these have different frequencies and therefore have different degrees of action in the body and act in different receptors and different mechanisms in the tissues.

Red light therapy can be very effective, but for the most part, the light therapies tend to be pretty shallow. One of the reasons that you use light therapies, like diodes, is that you’re trying to stimulate the tissues of the skin, flooding the body with various reactions to that light therapy. So it’s good for health maintenance. It can be good for specific problems.

I’ve looked at and used and owned many of these kinds of therapy systems. There’s one called (?) which you actually put in your nostril that stimulates the front part of the brain. It can be used on other parts of the brain too, but again, the problem with light therapies in general is they do not penetrate the body deeply. Most of their actions are very superficial or they are indirect, like acupuncture. You put a needle here in your hand on the Hegu point that’s going to cause an action up the meridian system up into the brain and into the rest of the body. That’s an indirect action. 

PEMFs not only stimulate acupuncture points and meridian systems – as will red light therapy – where it is applied, so it’s going to act on that system to produce the indirect benefits that you get with acupuncture. I learned early in my career when I first started using magnetic field therapy, that magnetic fields actually do acupuncture-like actions because the acupuncture system is an electrical system. The acupuncturists call it chi, but it’s actually electrical current.  There may be other phenomena that go with it from a quantum physics perspective, but fundamentally it’s an electrical system.  PEMFs interact with all electrical charges, PEMFs interact with other electrons flowing in anything, including a battery, in the brain, in the skin and muscles and so on, in water for that matter.

So the magnetic field is causing the same kinds of actions that red light is causing – different frequencies but the same actions – and also acts at the tissue locally and goes right through the body completely.  High-frequency waves like red light do not go deep into the body because the wavelengths are so short. Because they’re so short, they tend to get absorbed to some extent by the tissue. Now again, they’re going to have indirect effects because they act on the meridian systems of the body and other reflex systems, we won’t just limit it to acupuncture meridians.  PEMFs do all of that and they go completely through the body so they can act at depth if you have the right intensity of magnetic field.  So magnetic field therapy, in my mind, is a better value.

Ideally, if you were really skilled and had a lot of money, you’d own all sorts of systems. I’ve purchased and used all the systems that we have on my website. And as I said, I’ve used the (?) therapy, which goes into the brain, but it doesn’t go deep into the brain. It goes to the front part of the brain and that’s red light therapy as well. 

The bottom line is use anything you want, it will work together with PEMFs, because PEMFs, again, work deep, whatever else the other types of therapies do. We should really talk about how they could possibly interfere. But most of the research seems to show that there is an interactive benefit. You can probably apply them at the same time without any risk of harm, but you often need to separate them. 

There are acupuncturists who are doing magnetic field therapy and acupuncture at the same time, getting a much bigger benefit, especially with the local tissue. So if you have a bad shoulder, you can do acupuncture to reduce the pain in that shoulder. It doesn’t do direct healing as much. PEMFs do the direct healing of that shoulder.  Applying them together gives you some of the secondary benefits of acupuncture, like treating the Hegu point which goes up through this area, and they do a magnetic therapy at the same time. Other therapies, including ozone, applied at the same time do better than either therapy alone. The rule of thumb is that most therapies combined do not interfere with each other.