Transcript: Marty asked the question about Gauss.  All right, let’s talk about Gauss.  Gauss is a scientist from the 1800s, actually, he is a mathematician, who came up with a term to describe the intensity of a magnetic field. There are a number of terms that are used to describe magnetic field intensity. Gauss is basically one of the units. So one Gauss is about double the intensity of the magnetic field of the earth. The Earth’s magnetic field is about half a Gauss.  Well, that’s an old concept, an old term. Today we talk about Tesla, the guy that developed electricity, Nikola Tesla. So one Tesla is 10,000  Gauss.  

Very few PEMF systems get up to the Tesla level. Some, the PEMF 120 or the Tesla FitPro get up to 0.8 Tesla or about 8,000 Gauss.  The PEMF systems that most of us are using are in the milli Tesla range. A milli Tesla is a thousandth of a Tesla, so one milli Tesla is 10 Gauss, 10 milli Tesla is a hundred Gauss, a thousand milli Tesla is going to be 10,000 Gauss.

Gauss is the most commonly used unit of measurement of magnetic field intensity that most of us are aware of, but the scientists, the doctors, and in my book and many of the blogs that I write, we talk about milli Tesla. Most of the PEMF systems that people use for health purposes are going to be under 0.8 Tesla,  are going to be under 0.5. Tesla, are generally going to be, at the most, a hundred milli Tesla or 200 milli Tesla.  200 milli Tesla is 2000 Gauss, 300 milli Tesla is 3000 Gauss.  

We describe all this in the book. Power Tools for Health. We also have it on the education area of our webpage, drpawluk.com. This is the book, Power Tools for Health.  There’s a lot of science in here, but if you want to learn more about magnetic field therapy, this is the book I recommend.

So that’s really Tesla. Now micro Tesla, which you’ll see frequently, is the systems that are under one Gauss.  One hundred micro Tesla is one Gauss.  1000 micro Tesla is 10 Gauss.  Most of the people who talk about micro Tesla are talking about intensities lower than one Gauss.  It’s easier to talk about micro Tesla than to talk about milli Gauss which is a thousandth of a Gauss or 0.1 Gauss, or 0.2 Gauss.  That’s often confusing to people as well because they’re using the word Tesla, micro Tesla, it gets confusing that it means that higher intensity.  No.  Micro means a millionth of a Guass or a millionth of a Tesla.  

So, 3,500 Gauss, can that detox the liver? The answer is yes.  The question again is the depth. Because 3,500 Gauss is not going to give you 15 Gauss at the back of the liver adequately, what you may have to do with a 3,500 Gauss machine is to treat the front first,  and then treat the back, so that by the time you have treated the whole liver the center of it is getting a pretty sufficient amount of magnetic energy. So 3,500 Gauss can detox the liver, but you’re going to have to treat from front to back. And don’t forget the liver is a pretty wide organ. 

It crosses most of your abdomen, so you have to treat from front to back, and the right side of the liver is deeper into the body than the left side. It’s wider on the right side than the left side, it slopes down. So you might not need to treat the tail as much as you do the major part of the liver. You may have to treat two areas, or in the case of a Tesla Fit Plus or the Parmeds system where you have a very strong small pad applicator, you can treat it right across the whole area and that will detox the liver.

What do we mean by detoxing the liver? It means that you’re basically opening up the cells of the liver itself. So the cells open up and when they open up, they can drop their contents, and that includes waste. Also, when you open up the channels of a membrane, and there are over 200 membrane channels in every cell, when you open all that up nutrients get in better and waste gets out better. Water comes out of the cell better, other waste products get out better, et cetera. So that’s a form of detoxing. When we’re talking about getting rid of heavy metals, when you’re talking about getting rid of other toxins, environmental toxins, insecticides, pesticides, mercury, et cetera, the answer is yes, but we’re not that certain that we can make sure that it’s out of there.

At least you’re giving the body a fighting chance to be able to get rid of stuff as much as possible. At the very least, what you’re doing is helping the liver to be as healthy as possible. Like any tissue in the body, if the liver is healthier than it would normally be, it will do a better job of taking care of itself. And it can live with the toxins living in the cells of the liver. So the problem is not so much living with stuff that’s in the liver, and sometimes if you have parasites and they wall themselves off, you don’t want to open up that wall because the body’s already put an assist around it, and if you open it up then the contents can spill out and cause more inflammation in the body. 

So sometimes the detoxification can temporarily cause harm than it’s worth. But at the very least, if you’re making the liver healthier, it will be able to do a lot more work for the amount of effort that it has to produce to maintain its viability and its general health and to keep you healthy. The same thing applies to any tissues in the body.