Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science

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I’m honored to have been a featured expert in the Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science series which details powerful alternative medicines for healing disease. In Episode 6, Overcoming Pain, I outline how PEMFs are effective tools for managing pain by sharing some of the key mechanisms of PEMF therapy. Those mechanisms all have an impact on pain – and more importantly, promote real healing rather than simply masking the pain. I also talk about how well PEMF therapy works with other therapies and modalities to reduce pain and speed recovery.

PEMFs are commonly used to manage chronic back pain and joint pain. This includes pain from arthritis, and pain from other inflammatory conditions. Furthermore, with regular use of PEMFs, you can reduce swelling and inflammation, increase mobility in joints, and find relief from pain. Some research has found magnetic therapy to be more effective than other therapies, such as medications, and as effective as more intensive, expensive therapies like high intensity laser treatments. In addition, once you own a PEMF system, it is available to you to manage a host of other health needs and for health maintenance.

Nonetheless, if you missed this episode – or any other episode in the series, there’s good news. The entire series is available for purchase at a big discount here. That means you haven’t missed a thing! The information is important to anyone looking for safe ways to heal that are backed by scientific research. It has always been my contention that PEMFs do not work alone. They work best when combined with other approaches. These approaches should support the body’s needs and basic levels of function. Nutrition, herbs, and supplements are good examples of what the body has a foundational requirement for. These would be accelerated, activated and enhanced by PEMFs.

When you purchase the series, you’ll have instant access to valuable information from 47 world renowned experts. There are three options to choose from allowing you to select a package that best suits your needs. Each offers lifetime digital access to video, audio and transcripts of all episodes. The silver package includes a digital viewing guide and 2 bonuses. The Gold package includes a paper viewing guide, DVDs, and 2 additional bonuses. The Platinum package is the best value, including everything the Gold package offers along with six additional bonuses. Additionally, you can see the details of each offer here.

Proven: Furthermore, Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science is your comprehensive source for using alternative and natural therapies for treatment, management, and healing of numerous health conditions, including chronic pain.

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