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PEMF Training Academy | Dr. William Pawluk, MD | Medical Director | PEMF Education


Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has been used in healing a wide range of health conditions, both acute and chronic, for decades. Research has clearly demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe, effective tool for healing at the cellular level. It can be confusing and time consuming to sift through all the research and information on PEMF therapy. Now, with our training academy, you don’t have to!

Dr. Pawluk has launched his brand new PEMF Training Academy to assist clinicians and others interested in learning the broad range of uses for PEMF therapy. Three courses allow for flexibility in gaining exactly the information clinicians desire.

In 1990, Dr. Pawluk chiefly discovered that magnetic fields have actions on acupuncture points and meridians. He began his journey in using magnetic fields to treat a wide variety of conditions in his patients. Searching for scientific evidence behind magnetic field mechanisms of action, clinical studies and to generally understand a magnetic fields and pulsed electromagnetic fields in particular was frustrating because much of the research at the time was in foreign languages and largely unavailable. 

Along the way, he met Dr. Jiri Jerabek, an MD PhD from the Czech Republic, who did his PhD thesis on PEMF studies. Based on all his work on magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe, Dr. Jerabek shared a manuscript of hundreds of research studies done in Eastern Europe. Dr. Jerabek and Dr. Pawluk decided to do a collaboration and the result was the publication of the book “Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research.” The information in this book created a significant shift in the confidence of the effectiveness and importance of magnetic therapy.

Furthermore, after continuing to work with magnetic fields for 30 years and establishing an authoritative website on magnetic field therapies in 2003, Dr. Pawluk wrote the book Power Tools for Health: how magnetic fields [PEMFs] help you. This book explains the science behind PEMFs, 25 actions on the body, the scientific evidence that shows they are effective on 50+ health conditions, the different devices available and how to use them properly.

PEMF Training Academy is designed to complement the information in this book and provide the training and support wellness practitioners and clinics need to integrate PEMF therapy protocols into their practice. The addition of PEMF therapy can help practitioners expand their services and find solutions that work for patients dealing with acute or chronic conditions.

Therapeutic benefits of PEMF therapy include both general health maintenance through improved circulation and oxygenation in the body, and condition specific outcomes such as drug-free management of both acute and chronic pain, faster wound healing, reducing inflammation, stroke rehabilitation, positive impact on anxiety and depression, and much more.

Dr. Pawluk’s decades of experience in providing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatments, along with the expertise gained from reading hundreds of research studies while writing his book, makes him the perfect mentor to guide clinicians towards implementing PEMF therapy in their settings. Dr. Pawluk’s goal is to move PEMF therapy towards wider adoption in a variety of settings as professionals learn about the latest PEMF research, protocols and products. The courses in the PEMF Academy provide valuable resources to further this goal.

Moreover, PEMF Training Academy offers three distinct courses, each with a specific format and focus tailored to the needs of participants.

Power Tools for Health Course Primer is a comprehensive overview of the information in Dr. Pawluk’s book, Power Tools for Health. This course also includes information gathered over three decades of experiences. In this course, participants will learn the value of introducing electromagnetic fields into the body, get an overview of the research that supports the use of PEMFs, and will learn how to effectively use PEMFs on a wide range of medical conditions. The course covers a wide range of topics, including the benefits of PEMFs; the impact PEMFs have on cell injury, the brain, and aging; tips for choosing the appropriate device for specific conditions; and evidence supporting the safety of PEMF therapy.

Combining PEMF Training with Acupuncture offers acupuncturists a blueprint to discovering the advantages of integrating PEMF therapy into their practice. Using PEMFs enhances acupuncture well, boosting the benefits for patients because of PEMFs’ function of direct cellular healing and tissue regeneration. In this course, participants will learn the overlapping uses of PEMFs and acupuncture, strategies for combining PEMF application with acupuncture, and the benefits that will result from this combination therapy. They’ll also hear the story of how one acupuncturist successfully integrated PEMF therapy into his practice – and how they can too.

Comprehensive PEMF Training is a seminar style course that offers a thorough overview of PEMF therapy. In this course, practitioners will learn the science behind PEMFs, how magnetic fields work at the cellular level, types of magnetic systems and how they work, and how to effectively apply PEMFs. Participants will also explore clinical studies for a deeper understanding of the research on and mechanisms of PEMF therapy. The course will include information about how PEMFs work on common health conditions, including chronic pain; clinical studies that support the safe, effective use of PEMFs, how PEMFs boost mitochondrial function; and the impact of PEMF therapy on brain function.

Each course includes a paperback copy of Power Tools for Health, the most comprehensive book available about PEMF therapy. This book describes how the technology works, the best ways to use PEMFs to treat numerous health conditions, clinical studies that provide information on how PEMF therapy can be used to treat more than 50 specific health conditions, information on combining PEMF therapy with other therapeutic tools, and how to select a PEMF system.

The PEMF Training Academy is an exciting new endeavor for Dr. Pawluk that offers everything wellness professionals need to know about how PEMF therapy can help their clients – and boost business at the same time!

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