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PEMF therapy has long been used to help with all manner of health conditions. At, we strive to bring you education and research information, and to recommend PEMF devices with proven records of safety and reliability.

With more than 40 years of experience as a practicing physician, 25 of them specializing in magnetic field therapy, Dr. Pawluk is in a unique position to offer comprehensive and evidence-based advice on making PEMF therapy work for you and your family.

We prioritize customer service, continuing education, and ongoing support, and aim to ensure our customers have access to the most innovate health and wellness products available.
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Contribution to The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Pawluk was asked to appear on The Dr. Oz Show as a medical expert on magnetic field therapy. “The Revolutionary Cure for Pain” investigates how PEMFs are “changing the face of medicine.

Magnetic Fields for Health Conditions

  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Inflammation
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  • Education

    From determining a realistic timeline for the healing process, to understanding geomagnetic and biomagnetic fields, to knowing how your body heals itself, this education section is just that – a place to come and learn. Learn more
  • PEMF Buyer’s Guide

    With so many distributors advocating biased information, it can be difficult to determine which PEMF system is right for your individual needs. Our Buyer’s Guide will help you focus on the parameters that matter most. Learn more
  • PEMF vs. EMF

    The electromagnetic spectrum is huge. It can be easy to confuse the negative effects of EMFs, like radiation from cellphones and power lines, with the many benefits of therapeutic PEMFs. This section explains the many differences. Learn more
  • Frequency, Intensity, & Waveform

    These are the 3 main components of time-varied magnetic fields. In this section, you will learn the difference between them, the ranges that exist within each parameter, and why they matter. Learn more

Discover our Range of Products

  • iMRS Omnium1 Complete
  • MAS Special Multi +
  • Parmeds Super Package
  • PEMF-120 Desktop
  • Earth Pulse v.5
  • FlexPulse®
  • Sota Magnetic Pulser
  • ePad Sport
  • iMRS Complete
  • Lenyo Fractal XL
  • MAS Special Multi +
  • Medithera Home

What Our Customers Say

  • I had no idea where to start and I talked to someone who told me high intensities were dangerous so I was nervous about the technology. You guys really made me feel comfortable and I know I got the best system for my needs.”

    – Susan C.
  • I have struggled with sensitivities for so long I gave up hope that anything could help me live normally. Because of your recommendations, I was able to attend my son’s wedding (outdoors!) and finally enjoy myself! Thank you!”

    – Kim B.
  • My injury was so old I didn’t think anything could make my constant aches go away. I used the system my wife purchased from you and I honestly haven’t felt this good in 20+ years. I’m going back to the gym this month. What a lifesaver.”

    – Frank T.