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To better understand the human magnetic field and how the human body interacts with and responds to magnetic fields, we must appreciate how much our bodies themselves are electromagnetic. The body’s own internal magnetic fields are generated by the extraordinary amount of internal electrical activity that keeps our bodies alive. These biomagnetic fields interact with all of the other magnetic fields on the planet and control our basic chemistry.

The adult body is comprised of more than 70 trillion individual cells. And that’s not counting the millions of bacteria we carry in our gut. Each of those trillions of cells carries out several thousand metabolic processes every second. In order for that level of complexity to function smoothly, there must be a great deal of communication between and within these trillions of cells. Thankfully, our cells are programmed for this type of communication. And we are able to make changes in a fraction of a second when necessary.

In this article, we will explore more about magnetic science and the human magnetic field, discuss magnetic therapy, the human energy shield, recommend some PEMF products, and compare the differences between alternative therapies.


Our bodies naturally conduct electricity. In fact, every organ and cell in the human body has its own field. The magnetic field produces electrical currents that are weaker than you may first think. At the same time, the electromagnetic field of the brain is stronger than the heart. Devices are able to measure the magnetic field that is created by the human brain. This measurement is known as magnetoencephalography. Both magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography are tests that identify the brain activity.

The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells. This includes neurons, endocrine, and muscle cells – all called “excitable cells”. As all electricity does, this activity also creates a magnetic field. Once our bodies’ exposure to the magnetic field stops, so does the current. However, as these electrical currents are tiny, they are unable to affect the nerves and muscles in the human body.

As our Earth is one huge magnet, there is no escaping the magnetic field. To explain how strong the Earth’s magnetic field is in comparison to our body, many animals such as birds use it as a biological compass – i.e migrating birds. Despite how powerful it is, the magnetic field cannot harm the human body.

The biomagnetic fields of the body, though extremely tiny, have been measured with techniques. These include magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetocardiography (MCG). These techniques measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical activity in the body. Furthermore, when magnetic fields are created by living things, it is called ‘biomagnetism’. And when magnetic fields are used to apply onto a living body, this is called ‘magnetobiology’. The findings through objective basic research of these endogenous fields serve to determine their magnitudes. In addition to leading to the development of new non-invasive means of measuring cellular function. This is clinically useful in order to help guide the treatment of the brain and heart.

Cells normally go through at least 7,000 chemical reactions per second. This is an indication of the complex and continuous process involved in adaptation. This level of complexity is beyond the scope of simple biochemistry. By using electromagnetic stimulation, modern measuring techniques have increased the understanding of electromagnetic bio-communication that makes the coordination of the living system possible.


As we briefly touched on above, many animals use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate where they are going. Animals such as birds, fish, and insects can tap into the Earth’s magnetic field. Often, the magnetic field allows animals to travel thousands of miles. But can humans also sense the Earth’s magnetic fields?

Previously, there was not much evidence to suggest that humans could sense the Earth’s magnetic field at all. However, there have now been research studies to show that some people may be able to tap into the magnetic field, without realizing it.

Past research studies have included groups of people being blindfolded in a room. This has been created to see how they behaved with the magnetic energy. The study claimed to show that these people turned themselves to face the magnetic field. However, the results were never able to be replicated again.

In a recent study, scientists used EEG to keep an eye on the human brain’s response to a change in magnetic field. People were invited to stand inside a cube that was protected from electromagnetic radiation. The study’s participants agreed to sit inside the cube, in total darkness, for an hour, wearing an EEG. Scientists monitored their brains to see how they reacted to the change in magnetic field. According to Caltech, the study proved that humans may be able to experience the Earth’s magnetic field.


The body’s electrical activity happens primarily in the cell membrane. It is hugely important that the cell membrane maintain an appropriate “charge” or voltage. A healthy cell has a transmembrane potential of about 80 or 100 millivolts. A cancer cell, for comparison, has a transmembrane potential often as low as 20 or 25 millivolts. When a cell becomes damaged or sick, the voltage of the membrane drops, causing an increased voltage in the interior of the cell. When the membrane voltage is low, the membrane channels can’t function properly. This leads to a domino effect of disease-causing actions (or inactions).

The cell membrane is there both to protect the contents of the cell and to act as a sort of gatekeeper – opening and closing channels (like doorways) through which ions can flow. These channels are sometimes referred to as “pumps.”

The cell membrane itself has a voltage called a “potential” (or membrane potential, or transmembrane potential). Membrane potential refers to the difference in electrical charge between the inside and outside of the cell. The channels in the membrane are opened or closed based on the polarity of the membrane. When the channels are closed, a cell membrane is at its “resting potential” and when it is open, it is at its “action potential.”

Action potential (channel opening) requires electrical activity. During this process, the electrical potential of the membrane rapidly rises. This allows the channels to open up. As the channels open, ions flow into the cell. This then causes a further rise in the membrane potential, prompting even more channels to open up. This process produces an electric current (and therefore magnetic field) across the cell membrane, and the cycle continues. Once all channels are open, the membrane potential is so great that the polarity of the membrane reverses, and then the channels begin to close. As the entry channels close, exit channels are activated. Once the process is complete, all channels close and the membrane returns to its resting potential.


Electromagnetic fields can be both natural and made by humans. Natural electromagnetic fields are present in the Earth. While they may be invisible, electrical fields are based on the build-up of electric charges in the environment. These electric fields are commonly associated with thunderstorms.

Electromagnetic fields that have been created by humans offer a range of medical solutions. Medical treatment and solutions such as x-rays have been designed by humans. X-rays use low frequency electromagnetic fields to identify broken bones or items stuck in the skin. In addition, humans have developed higher frequency waves that transmit through television antennas, radio, and mobile phone stations.

But moving on to therapeutic electromagnetic fields. These are a type of electric fields that have been man made to help ease health conditions and ailments.

Only certain ions flow in and out of a cell this way. Most commonly these are sodium, calcium, and potassium. The primary type of action potential is often referred to as the “sodium-potassium pump”, during which sodium flows into the cell via an entry channel and potassium flows out of a cell via an exit channel.

Action potentials play different roles depending on cell type, but are generally responsible for cellular communication or to activate a cellular process. Muscle cells, for example, use action potentials as the first step to achieving muscle contraction.

If a cell is injured or otherwise not well, this activity slows or stops. The energy required by action potentials is relatively small but can be insurmountable for a sick cell. Applying an external, therapeutic magnetic field to the body supports this function by providing the cell with the energy it is incapable of producing itself.


The human body naturally has both magnetic and electrical fields. Right down to the tiny cells in our bodies, every part of our body has their own field. But what is the idea behind magnetic therapy? As our body’s are rich in magnetic and electric fields, it makes sense that humans designed a way to help heal us by using them.

The idea behind magnetic therapy is that health issues can stem from the magnetic fields being imbalanced. The purpose here is to restore the balance. It is believed that by putting an external magnetic field against or near your body, during time of illness, will encourage your body to heal.


We have touched on where magnetic therapy has come from, but how exactly does it work? Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses magnets to treat pain, medical conditions, and other health issues. The idea here is, if you suffer with any kind of pain, inflammation, or health condition, that magnetic fields can help your body heal.

The two most common types of magnets used therapeutically are static and electromagnets to help boost overall health. Static magnetic therapy products are the type of magnets that you can wear as a bracelet, necklace, or even a ring. Static magnetic therapy products provide healing by simply being in contact with your skin. However, electromagnetic therapy uses magnets in a different way. This form of therapy uses magnets that have an electrical charge. Both of these magnetic therapy products are thought to have electromagnetic fields that penetrate the body to offer pain relief, treat arthritis, heal wounds, ease headaches, and much, much more.

There are many conventional medical methods in hospitals and doctor surgeries that incorporate the use of magnetic and electrical energy. For example, when a patient suffers a cardiac arrest, medical professionals will use equipment to jump-start the patient’s heart. The device will (hopefully) restart the heart and get it pumping again, helping to return the patient back to health. Many professionals also advise using a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators) machine to treat different types of pain. For example, when a woman goes into labor, she can often access a TENS machine to help ease labor pain and contractions.

However, the practice and use of magnetic therapy products is lacking in scientific evidence. Without evidence, there isn’t anything to back up the claims that these devices work to treat ailments. Many studies have shown that while they may work, it is nothing more than a placebo effect on those wearing them. Despite this, wearable magnets and magnetic therapy is very popular.


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is another alternative magnetic healing treatment that can help boost the body’s healing process. PEMF devices are used to offer a range of health benefits. In fact, many health professionals use PEMF therapy to treat the human body as well as animals, who need help healing, during injury recovery, and/or to maintain their overall health and wellness.

PEMF devices offer a non-invasive form of therapy that can benefit the body in many ways. A non-exhaustive list includes fast healing, improving sleep habits, treating symptoms of depression, and even circulation. The idea behind PEMF is that this type of therapy uses low-level bursts of electromagnetic radiation to help heal the body and offer a significant reduction in pain. The low-frequency pulses will penetrate the area to boost and encourage the body’s natural healing process.

But you may be wondering how often you can use PEMF therapy devices? How often you would be recommended to use a PEMF device will depend on your medical condition. For example, treating arthritis will be a different therapy plan than treating inflammation pain. However, it is perfectly safe to use a PEMF device several times throughout the day. By investing in a PEMF device, you will be making an investment. Prioritize your health to ensure that you stay fit and healthy.

PEMF therapy is a proven method to help treat a number of health conditions. When PEMF therapy is properly carried out, many conditions can be eased with the help of PEMF machines. But how do you know which PEMF machine is the best one for your condition? We pride ourselves on ensuring that we are providing our customers with quality products. Every single PEMF machine on our site has been checked by our very own Dr. Pawluk. If you need any advice on which PEMF machine to use to get the most health benefits, it would be our pleasure to get you booked for a consultation with Dr. Pawluk.


Biomagnetism is a therapeutic method to treat and maintain over health and wellness. This method provides an alternative to traditional medicine and even magnetic therapy. Biomagnetic therapy is practiced with the sole aim to help keep the body’s natural pH balance.

During biomagnetic therapy, the process involves placing high field strength magnets in specific trouble areas on the patient’s body. This helps restore the pH balance in those targeted areas. By restoring the pH balance, your body will naturally be able to heal itself. Rather than biomagnetic therapy targeting the illness itself. It will encourage and boost your body to be able to do it as it naturally would.

Biomagnetism is the practice of stimulating the body’s natural immune system. This stabilizes the human body’s response to inflammation, increase circulation, and so much more. Many believe that pH imbalances contribute to many health conditions. Therefore, by restoring the levels back to normal, this will allow the body to fight off illness. With our new and increased natural defense, our body’s can fight. Infections, virus’, bacteria can all be fought off, to keep us fit and healthy.

But how is biomagnetism different to magnet therapy? In short, magnet therapy provides a low-intensity procedure that is carried on for long periods of time. Magnet therapy targets specific areas that are showing symptoms and signs of illness.

Whereas biomagnetism is a slower application and does not claim to cure. Instead, it encourages your body’s natural defense to rebalance.

It is important to note that there are some people who cannot have biomagnetic therapy:

  • • If you have had chemotherapy or radiation
  • • In people who have magnetic metal in your body
  • • If you have a pacemaker or electronic device fitted
  • • If you either are pregnant or think you may be
  • • After having an organ transplant
  • • If you have had a skin graft

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