Parameds Home (Curatron HT) Intensity/ Gauss


Transcript: The next person asks, I don’t have a name, but this is about the prostate.  I think we’ve talked about the prostate as well. So this person has a Parmeds Home system and asks if it has sufficient intensity to treat the prostate gland.  

The Parameds Home system, which many of you might have, is a very effective device, but the whole body pad is not strong enough to deal with the prostate.  The small pad is about 200 gauss, so it’s not strong enough. But try it, and see what happens.  The prostate is deep enough into the body, inside the pelvis, that you probably need to use something stronger. You have the table of intensities that you’re going to need to be able to deal with specific issues.  But it doesn’t hurt to try it.  

You’ll need to sit on it.  A big part of the problem with prostates is that it’s not just the prostate itself, you also have to treat the bladder.  Where I could see it working potentially fairly well would be to put the small pad of the Parameds system over the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone. And you might have to treat for hours. It doesn’t matter which program you pick. The training that I provide on how to use it will tell you about that. 

My preferred system for treating the prostate is the Tesla fit plus or the Tesla fit duo. Or you could even be using the Parameds Flash. The Parameds Flash is a good buy that’s between the Tesla Fit Plus and the Tesla Fit Duo, and it’s actually stronger and less expensive than the Duo.  So the Flash and the Plus are the two I would recommend to be the optimal systems for prostate problems because they have the sufficient intensities to be able to deal with this adequately and properly.

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