PEMF Device Differences


Transcript: This question has kind of been asked before and I’ll lump a bunch of machines into this question. The BEMER is being sold with high pressure by a multilevel marketing company.  IMRS is another one. Now, I don’t care whether it’s multilevel or not. What’s important to me is, are you getting what you need for the money you’re spending?  If you’re going to spend close to $6,000 for a machine then you better know what the intensity is. And most of the distributors who sell the BEMERs don’t know what the intensity is. 

I can’t believe it.  They’re “selling a car” and they don’t even know what the car can do. They hear all these stories that it does all these wonderful things. But intensity matters. Dosage matters. That means you have to know what the system is going to do for you, because then you know how to use it properly. 

So the BEMER is only around one Gauss.  Sometimes, depending on how you use it, it might be two Gauss, three Gauss, at the most.  It’s too little for the price. The Parmeds home system is $3,500 for 70 Gauss for the whole body pad and 200 Gauss for the smaller applicator.  $3,500, and you’re getting a lot more machine. The iMRS is basically equivalent to the BEMER although the iMRS people will tell you that mine is better and the BEMER people will tell you theirs is better. We have a device called the Medithera which is very similar to the iMRS and the BEMER,  and we have another machine called the Bio Balance, which is ten times stronger than the BEMER and $2,500 versus close to $6,000.

So, do I like the BEMER? I think it has value. I think it’s probably better for health maintenance than to treat specific health issues. Do you have arthritis? It might make you feel a little bit better. And you’ll hear testimonials – “they work. I feel good, I feel better. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”  But if you’re spending $6,000 for something, you better believe that it’s going to work. Now of course, if you’re spending $2,500 for something, you better believe it’s going to work as well. Will you believe more If you’re spending $6000 for the same intensity? I don’t know, you’ll have to answer that question for yourself. 

I think you can find a better value than these high-cost systems that deliver very, very low intensity. The Bio Balance is a good machine too, and it’s ten Gauss, so it’s ten times stronger than a BEMER at less than half the price. 

So that’s my take on the BEMER, the IMRs, the QRS and the Medithera. Those are all just about the same. There’s a device called the OMI, which a lot of people like because of the price. But the same problem applies –  intensity. So if you’re spending $1,000 for a machine and you’re only buying one Gauss or less, is that still a value? Is it a value for you? Well, it’s more value than a Beamer for $6,000 but still, it’s a problem, because I don’t think it’s strong enough for most of the reasons people buy PEMF systems. 

Now I know I’m going to get into a lot of trouble. Many of you may own BEMERs already or you have friends who own BEMERs and they’ll tell you how great they are. But I’ve been working with magnetic fields for 30 years. I’ve written the book Power Tools for Health. So I think I know, to some extent, what I’m talking about. And I worked with many of those devices at the very beginning of my career because that’s what was available at the time.